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I guess I should do a sort of general update thing 8|a

ever since I got a plurk, stuff on here has really gone downhill, lmao!

Anywaaaay, where do I start!

School: We have like... Idk, six weeks left or so? So time seems to be moving pretty quickly. I think I'm doing... Okay. I could be doing a lot better, and for that I only have myself to blame. But I'm not failing anything, which is the good part. On Monday, I have to go see the Dean of the Psych department to go through this "senior evaluation" thing. Basically, they want to make sure I'm all on course for heading towards graduation. So it should be pretty simple. And I'm going to ask them like, what it all takes to get to into the Counseling Graduate Program and what I would have to do in it. I hear that for some graduate schools, you actually have to help teach classes for the undergrads? And I'm like, ~.~ dear god, please don't make me do that, I would be horrible at teaching people, and I would just want to punch them all in the face.

RP: Ahahahaha. Okay. It looks like counted_stars is starting to get life back into her. Which is super exciting! And all of these reserves! 8D We're building a mini DA2 cast right now, with Hawke, Aveline (played by yours truly), Carver, and Fenris all on reserve. So I'm really excited for this! Also, I'm a total tool and I'm apping back a dropped character that I only dropped a couple of weeks ago. But w/e w/e I do what I want

I also submitted an app to queenofheartsrp for Jean from Claymore, so I hear back on that... Tomorrow, right? That's when they go over the applications? Completely nervous. I haven't been to a new game in awhile, and it makes me scared. Lmao. I know some totally awesome people are there, and I can't wait to get to play with them again, but still. I HOPE I'M GOOD ENOUGH

Also thinking of heading on over to mayfield_rpg with a DA character. Wynne seems to be what everyone wants.


Life: Idk. I go to school. I come home. I hang out with frands sometimes.

Writing Challenge: 5/200 fics done, will probably write more. Also, reeeaaally need to work on my Bioware Bang.

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/crawls up out of the Dragon Age fog

Oh, man. That was... the most beautiful journey. That game is so amazing. Okay, sure, it had a few problems, but oh man. That story. Was totally worth it. I don't care what anyone else thinks. Completely worth my money. The characters were AMAZING. Holy shit. I was hella surprised by them and how much they stuck by their convictions. COMPLETELY RIPPED MY HEART OUT.

Anyway. So this has inspired character journals, fic, and... lmao. I made a dressing room. For Dragon Age. IDK IF ANY OF YOU HAVE MUSES BUT, thedasdressing COME JOIN US :3c

Now I have... a whole week left of my spring break. WHAT DO
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In which Ashe should probably not be allowed to take myth classes

nevra solstice (7:32:27 PM): i love old time porn
Xfeilynx (7:32:33 PM): lololol
nevra solstice (7:34:06 PM): "Enki aroused Uttu. He clasped her to the bosom, lying in her crotch, fondled her thighs, fondled her with the hand. He clasped her to the bosom, lying in her crotch, made love to the youngster and kissed her. Enki poured semen into Uttu's wound and she conceived the semen in the womb, the semen of Enki."
nevra solstice (7:34:20 PM): ^womb
nevra solstice (7:34:22 PM): not wound
nevra solstice (7:34:24 PM): :'D
Xfeilynx (7:34:25 PM): fondled her with the hand
nevra solstice (7:34:28 PM): yes
nevra solstice (7:34:31 PM): with the hand
Xfeilynx (7:34:33 PM): XD
Xfeilynx (7:34:41 PM): oh baby
nevra solstice (7:34:45 PM): sexy, right?
nevra solstice (7:34:55 PM): he made love to her, because she made him work for it
nevra solstice (7:35:03 PM): by bring her fruits and vegetables :'D
Xfeilynx (7:35:09 PM): :'D
nevra solstice (7:35:21 PM): she was a modern woman
nevra solstice (7:35:25 PM): 8-)
nevra solstice (7:35:43 PM): not giving it up until she got something in return
Xfeilynx (7:36:29 PM): :|a
Xfeilynx (7:36:59 PM): you should probably get me something, then
nevra solstice (7:37:08 PM): I'm getting you me
Xfeilynx (7:37:13 PM): :|a
nevra solstice (7:37:22 PM): now give it up
Xfeilynx (7:37:34 PM): LMAO
nevra solstice (7:37:43 PM): /romantic
Xfeilynx (7:37:50 PM): oh baby take me now
nevra solstice (7:37:51 PM): look, I'll buy you an apple
nevra solstice (7:37:59 PM): but then you gotta give me sex
Xfeilynx (7:38:02 PM): are you going to buy me a knife to eat it with
nevra solstice (7:38:06 PM): no
Xfeilynx (7:38:21 PM): what is the point in having an apple i can't nom
nevra solstice (7:38:41 PM): i don't care, i just want the sex that clearly comes with me providing for you
nevra solstice (7:38:48 PM): with one apple
nevra solstice (7:38:57 PM): god, i'd be a horrible man
Xfeilynx (7:39:47 PM): XDXDXD
Xfeilynx (7:39:54 PM): you are not aman though
nevra solstice (7:39:56 PM): this is going in an lj post
Xfeilynx (7:40:02 PM): LMAO
nevra solstice (7:40:11 PM): no, i know i'm not a man
nevra solstice (7:40:14 PM): i am just saying
nevra solstice (7:40:19 PM): i would be a horrible one
Xfeilynx (7:40:19 PM): for which i am very glad
Xfeilynx (7:40:23 PM): is how i was going to finish that
Xfeilynx (7:40:27 PM): but then you distracted me
nevra solstice (7:40:39 PM): so since i am not a man, i'll get you apple slices
Xfeilynx (7:40:47 PM): my hero *_*
nevra solstice (7:40:52 PM): sex now? c:
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Haven't updated in awhile, so I guess I will dump all the things here.

Lmao. I haven't gone to any classes all week... Mostly because of the weather. I tried to go to school yesterday, but it was like OH I WILL PLACE ALL THE ICE HERE AND YOU WILL SLIP AND FALL ON YOUR ASS ON YOUR PORCH STAIRS. And then... I cussed everyone out as I limped back into my house and pretended that I didn't want to cry because I was in so much pain.

I have a Psych of Learning test tomorrow, too, and I haven't gone to it or... studied. /CRIES FOREVER I'M FALLING BACK INTO MY OLD PATTERNS, I SHOULD JUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO GO TO SCHOOL FOR THE SPRING SEMESTERS. They're always my worst!

Lmao so, like a derp, I have been creating a new RP game with... a bunch of people. AND IT'S A REALLY NEAT IDEA. Just... Constant death. Apocalypses everywhere. :'D It seems to be going pretty well, for the most part.

Also, romance event at squarewarts is going beautifully. :'D Jordan is a pirate, Catty just got kidnapped by Lady Keri only to be rescued by Sam on a white steed, Revan is a rake... Lmaaaooooo. I think Zekk is going to be a knight and rescue Princess Erza from her dragon-guarded tower so that they can share True Love's Kiss.

What else... :|a



No idea.

Oh, wait.

I apped a Twilight character to counted_stars